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Modular Cleanrooms, Partitions - PharmaWalls, Walkable Ceilings, Turnkey Projects

Outstanding Services

Our ICT Cleanroom engineers, ICT Design Team, will design or assist with design in all Pharmaceutical/Biotech Process and Modular Cleanroom projects. ICT Manufacturing Team will have all Cleanroom Components fabricated and ready to ship when needed by the Installation Teams. ICT Project Managers are knowledgeable and experienced to bring your project completed in time and on budget.


ICT Modular Wall Systems are fabricated in 3 distinct models. All ICT walls are standard (83mm) 3-1/4" thick (Optional available in 2" and 6 1/2"). Models are: ICT Double Cleanwall system, ICT Loadbearing Cleanwall system, ICT 1-Hour rated Cleanwall system. Our standard finish is a powder coat finish, optional also available in SS and cPVC finishes. All ICT Panel Systems with powder coat finish are available in the color of your choice (ask for ICT color chart).

Walkable Ceilings

ICT walkable ceiling systems are certified for a live load of 30 Lbs./sq ft with a safety factor of 1.5. Typical dimension for full size panels are nominal 4'x10' and 3 1/4" thick. The walkable ceiling panels are hung from a structure above via a special hanging connection and threaded rod with turnbuckle for leveling. Maximal 2 each 2'x4' openings per full size panel for HEPA's or Light fixtures or max 3 each 2'x2' openings are available and will be factory provided. All other openings i.e., for sprinklers or specialty systems will be field provided. Panels with different dimensions will be manufactured by ICT and per the design dimensions provided. Smallest width is 8" wide or 8" long. All walkable ceiling panels are insulated with high density rockwool for superior sound attenuation and comfort.


ICT Modular Cleanroom PharmaWall Systems and ICT Walkable Ceiling Systems are manufactured, assembled, packaged and shipped from our ICT Plant in Binghamton NY. Shipping by ICT trucking or First-class shipping companies and always door-to-door.

Cleanroom Technologies of tomorrow

ICT Key Features FeaturesFeatures

ICT is always up to date with the latest developments in the cGMP and ISO-14644 Cleanroom design requirements.


In addition to the Design, Manufacture and Installation of our Modular Cleanroom components, ICT Designs, Installs and Validates all Process requirements, including Environmental Control, Electrical, WFI, Gasses, Clean-Steam, Bio-Kill Systems, Safety and Fire Protection Systems.

Designed for Sterile and Controlled Environments

ICT Modular Cleanroom Components are certified for use in Cleanrooms for all ISO, cGMP classifications and Compounding Regulations USP 800, 795 and 797.

100% Made-in-the-USA

ICT Cleanroom Components are made in the USA and assembled in the USA.

3-D "WALK-THROUGH" Drawings Standard for all our Projects

3-D Drawings are now a standard component of our ICT design packages including the walkthrough features.

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Project teams are standard at ICT, guarantying the best possible outcome and customer satisfaction.

24X7 support

Any voice messages, 24x7, left for our personnel will automatically also be forwarded via e-mail to the individuals corporate e-mail account for fastest possible response Or e-mail to

ICT for all your Cleanroom Technology solutions

cGMP Class A, B, C and D, ISO 1 thru 8, BSL-1 thru 4, USP 795-797-800