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ICT Modular Double Cleanwall Systems consists of an adjustable floor track (3″ – 6″), adjustable in height, galvanealed metal 16-gauge posts 40″ center-to-center with snap on tracks, two powder coated 20-gauge panels (one for each side) and a ceiling track. The Modular system is designed for the panels, window and door sections to be removeable and can be relocated. Special tracks for starter channels, windows and doors are part of the Modular system. The double wall system is installed with one side first to allow for electric and or plumbing to be installed and inspected and then the final panel will close the wall. This forms a 3 1/4″ thick wall system. Walls can be maximal 12′ tall in one-piece, higher requirements up to 40′ will have flush and silicone caulked or cold-welded horizontal seams.

ICT Modular Loadbearing Panel Systems

ICT Modular Loadbearing Wall Systems are designed, as the title says, to carry the load of structural ceiling components. The wall panels have the same 20-gauge skins as the Double Cleanwall Systems but solid 3 1/4″ thick panels with 1/2″ and 5/8″ skin reinforcement and a high-density insulation core. The panels are Modular and replaceable using our ICT special “WireWay” channels. The WireWay’s each certified at 14′ tall for 7000 lbs. vertical loads The WireWay’s are spaced at 40″ on center, like the Double CleanWall panel systems. WireWay’s are designed for the installation of receptacles/switches and their conduits. The WireWay’s are capped on each side of the wall resulting in a flush cleanroom wall face.

ICT Modular 1-Hour rated Loadbearing Panel Systems

ICT 1-Hour rated Cleanroom Panel Systems are identical to the Loadbearing Panel System with the exception that the skin re-enforcing consists out of two 5/8″ liners. Additional fire proofing is added to the WireWay components and tracks/channels.

Manual sliding ICT Cleanroom doors. Hinge cap plates not yet installed.